Do I need to book (reserve) my date ahead of time?
No you don't. You can contact us anytime to see if your date is available and we will let you know which unit(s) are available for that day. We do recommend that you reserve your date ahead of time to avoid disappointment, but is not necessary.

Do you require a deposit?
Yes we do require a deposit to book your date in advance. It is a $50 deposit and this can be made in Cash, Cheque, money order or E-Transfer.

How far in advance should I book?
The further ahead in advance you book your date, the greater the chance of getting the date and bouncy castle you want.

What happens if I need to Cancel or Re-schedule my date?
We do ask to inform us of any changes at least 2 weeks ahead of your booked date. If you’re wanting to re-schedule your date, we are more than happy to work with you and the deposit will be forwarded to the new date. The more time in advance we have to work with, the more flexible we can be. If you’re looking to cancel your booking and not re-schedule, we are unable to refund deposits.

What information do I need to Book my date?
You will need the following information:
1.) Date and Time
2.) Address of set up
3.) How many kids will be attending and their age (so we can best suit your needs in regards to the bouncer choice)
4.) Phone number/ or other contact info
5.) $50 deposit and we will issue a receipt for this.

How do I pay?
We only accept cash prior to set-up. At that time, you will receive an invoice for your payment.

How many kids are allowed in the Bouncy Castle?
Each Bouncy Castle is different; we will explain each option you have as per amount of children going to be attending. We will also provide you with a copy of our "rental agreement" that will explain how many kids allowed in the bouncy castle at a time and weight restrictions (on the unit you will be renting) along with our rules and regulations that will be clearly listed for further viewing.

How much space is required for set-up?
We will provide you with the measurements of the unit or unit(s) you will be renting, including the height of the unit as we will need ample amount of clearance. If being used outdoors you will need to make sure tree branches, fences, poles and other standing structures will not be a hazard. If being used indoors (i.e., hall, etc.) there will need to be enough ceiling height and please make sure the building will allow the bouncy castle in. Please measure to make sure before booking with us as we would like everything to go as smoothly as possible to get the best experience.

How does the whole delivery (set-up) process work?
We will arrive with your bouncy castle in the am hours; or a specific time that was arranged upon booking,

We will go over our rental agreement with you and it will need to be signed before set-up. We will answer any questions you may have and will explain safety regulations. We will then work out the best spot for your bouncy castle to be set-up and where the power source is. It only takes a few minutes to inflate and the fun will begin!
We will be back at a scheduled time to take it down and take it away.

Does someone need to be supervising?
Absolutely, Yes! There needs to be an adult supervising at all times, we recommend separating the small kids from the big kids to avoid bumping into each other, etc. We will provide you with a sheet in which will explain how many kids are allowed in at a time that you will need to follow to ensure safety and proper use of the bouncy castle. We also recommend keeping the kids away from the blower at all times and absolutely no food, drinks, gum, shoes, sharp objects, pets, adults or toys allowed in the bouncer. (all of this will be clearly listed in your rental agreement). These are child friendly inflatables ONLY please NO adults.

What happens if my day i have booked is raining or other bad weather?
We suggest watching the weather forecast the day before your booked date. If threatening weather will be an issue, you can contact us and we will work with you to re-schedule you in at another date.
If we have already set up and bad weather begins, we will not be able to refund monies or reschedule your date.
Our rental agreement will explain what to do in case of bad weather with the Bouncy Castle.

Is there a cleaning fee?
We expect to get our Bouncy Castles back in fairly clean condition, we realize children will be in and out with their socks on and will track some dirt and grass in, there will be no fees for this. If it is in dirty condition due to not following the rules and regulations provided, there will be a $30 cleaning fee.